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QtCreator QML Designer question

  • Hi all, I have about 30 or so qml components that I created. The folder structure of my componets folder is like this:

    commponets folder
    ----designer folder
    --------30 or so specifics.qml files
    --------metainfo file
    30 or so component.qml files

    When I go into qml design mode, my QML types get loaded into the Library no problem. I can drag and drop the components and update the properties no problem, but man it takes a long time for the designer to come up. Is there a better way to do this? Is there maybe a setting or file I could create, so the designer does not have to do any parsing each time I go into design mode?


  • Did you try Qt Creator 4.1, already?

    We fixed a couple of performance issues in the item library for Qt Creator 4.1.

  • Thanks Thomas, that solved the issue. Performance is much improved. It loaded in less than a second with QtCreator 4.1.0, with QtCreator 3.6.1 it took about 15 seconds.

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