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[ENDED]set tooltip on an icon

  • Hello,

    I'm currently working on a QTableWidget.
    Some of the QTableWidgetItems have an icon ( with the function setICon ) that indicate the type of item.(some items represent a desk, some other chairs... etc)
    The icon could be not obvious enough for some users so I would like to set a tooltip on it that also say what type it is. (for example display "chair" as tooltip ont the icon of the chair)
    I can't find a way to do it.
    I also don't want to set the tooltip to the entire item, just on the icon.


  • Does "QTableWidgetItem::setToolTip() ": do the trick?

  • Nope that's what I meant by my last sentance.
    I want to use the tooltip of the rest of the QTableWidgetItem for another contextual help.
    I need another tooltip that appears when the cursor is specificaly on the icon.

  • I over-read that, sorry. And I'm sorry again - there is no builtin solution for your problem, the tooltip is for the whole item.

    To achieve this, I would switch from the QTableWidget to QTableView, create a model, add a custom role to that one (IconToolTipRole). One would probably have to subclass the table view and reimplement viewportEvent (see the implementation of "QAbstractItemView::viewportEvent() ":, it handles the tool tip request) to get the actual position of the mouse pointer.

  • Thnaks for the advices Volker.
    Anyway, I'll stick with QTableWidget and will change all the presentation because QGraphicsViews messes with my head. I'm not experimented enough to work with it.


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