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ListView inside Column not scrolling

  • My aim is to create something like:

    1. Static text field
    2. Listview
    3. Static button

    I tried putting all this into Column/ColumnLayout, also anchors. But if I use smth else instead of anchors.fill : parent - ListView stops scrolling.

                anchors.fill: parent
                    TextField {
                            id: lab
                            text: "some"
                  ListView {
                    id: lw
                    //anchors.fill: parent// scroll is working only if put here this - but that is incorect for me.
                    Layout.fillHeight: true;
                    model: comp
                    interactive : true;
                    delegate: contactDelegate
                    focus: true
                Button {
                     id: but
                     text: "Add"
                     width: 40
                     height: 20
                     onClicked: {
                         comp.append({name: "Some long interesting text", number: comp.rowCount()});

    Also I tried using footers and headers - that was better, but they are overlapped with scrolling content (boundsBehavior: Flickable.StopAtBounds not working).

    Please give some advice on implementation, or smth.

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