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Qt Installer Framework - Removing the Maintenance Tool

  • Hi there,

    I'm using the Qt Installer Framework (2.0.3) to create an installer my program. Everything works fine, and my program installs perfectly.

    However, I'd like to remove (or not install at all) the maintenance tool that is included by default. I have read the documentation and examples, and have searched the web but I haven't found any solutions to this problem. The closest thing I have found is the "MaintenanceToolName" element in the configuration file. I would have also expected an option to prevent the maintenance tool from being installed altogether. It would also be great if I could remove the Licenses folder too.

    So in short: Is there a way to remove or prevent the maintenance tool (and it's associated files) from being installed?


  • @Tsherr

    Hello, I have the same issue, tell me please, did you found solution for this problem?

  • For new comers:

    I think you will have to build it from source in order to disable that option
    Go to the function void PackageManagerCore::writeMaintenanceTool() and and the function void PackageManagerCorePrivate::writeMaintenanceToolBinary() and just add a return in the beginning of the function to disable it and the maintenance tool won't be included.

    Worked for me, but it didn't reduce the size of the resulting installer as I was expecting though.