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Qt Creator 4.0.1 does not find Qt 5.7.0 examples on Welcome page

  • After compiling 5.7.0 for hours and hours from source on Linux Mint 18 32-bit, I install it only to find that QtCreator 4.0.1 can use v5.7.0 from the options but does not find the examples for the Examples tab on the Welcome sheet.

    The previous version 5.5 and 5.6 both work as expected.

    How do I get Qt Creator to find the v5.7.0 examples and display on the Welcome page? I do not find an option in Qt Creator to set that path so I have to assume Qt Creator is expecting it to be in the /usr/local/Qt-5.7.0/examples folder where they were installed by default.

    Qt installed on :
    Qt Creator :

    Linux Mint 18 32-bit Cinnamon
    gcc 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.2
    CPU Intel Celeron T2250 Core Duo 1.73 Ghz x 2
    Ram 2 Gb
    Disk 113 Gb 37 Gb free

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