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Error with xmpp in qt 5.2

  • Hi guys i have problem with xmpp because i cant use in my app. When i included with this:
    LIBS += -lxmpp_d0 , anyways it doesnt work
    The error that i get:
    C:\Users\moh\Downloads\Demonio_3.0_src\Demonio_3.0_src\src\cliente\ventanaescritorio.h:27: error: qxmpp/QXmppClient.h: No such file or directory
    #include <qxmpp/QXmppClient.h>
    And the libraries that take me this error obviously it is like this:
    #include <qxmpp/QXmppClient.h>
    #include <qxmpp/QXmppTransferManager.h>

    So if you know please help

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    You need to specify the path to where that include file is i.e. add in your .pro file:

    INCLUDEPATH += wherever/qxmpp/folder/is

    Also, unless you copied lib to the project directory you need to specify the path to that lib too i.e:

    LIBS += -Lwherever/the/lib/folder/is -lxmpp_d0

    Last but not least, after you make changes in the .pro file remember to re-run qmake (Build->Run qmake) before you compile your project.

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