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Wierd behavior with QSerialPort: readLine()

  • Hello,
    I hope i'm not making a fool of myself for asking a stupid Question.

    I'm using the QSerialPort in a Class to control a little robot via USB.
    The communication between robot and PC is simple.
    After receiving a command the robot, the robot executes the command.
    After that the robot sends a line with some data
    and an other line with an "OK" back.

    I wrote a little method which send a command and waits for an OK of the robot.
    I Init the serial port with

    if (!m_serial->open(QIODevice::ReadWrite))
        cout << "ERROR: Could not open serial port." << endl;
        return 0;

    string executeAndWait()

    string answer;
    QString temp = QString::fromStdString("M10");
    QByteArray command = temp.toLocal8Bit();
    m_serial->write( command);
    data = m_serial->readAll();
    if i use readLine or readAll doesnt change he result

    string check = data.toStdString() ;

    //check if end of answer reached, i knwo i know its not pretty...
    while(check.find("OK") == string::npos){
    data = m_serial->readAll();
    check = data.toStdString() ;


    I'm getting the output :
    M10 XY 300 380 0.00 0.00 A0 B0 H
    0 S95 U15 D60

    and i'm expecting
    M10 XY 300 380 0.00 0.00 A0 B0 H0 S95 U15 D60

    i did some testing and found out, there is always a cut after 32 Characters.
    I used other libraries for the communication before and had no issues what so ever.

    Im cluesless
    Please help

    If i haven't given you all the information you need please tell me

  • The problem is here:

    data = m_serial->readAll();

    ready read is emitted when some data can be read but that does not imply that all data can be read.

    see , it's the same problem

  • Thank you for your answer, i tried to work with the Datastreams mentioned in the Example. It didn't work for me.
    In the end i wrote a little method which works.

    while(data.size() == avaiableBytes)

    is pretty much all i do.
    But I got one question left.

    Sometimes the '\n' is removed by readLine and sometimes it isnt. How does this happen.

    Cheers for the help much appreciation

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