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SAVE AND LOAD image in Directory

  • Hello
    before i wanted to save users pictures in my database
    and i searched on web and seen that this work doing database heavy for loading
    and this better to save images on Directory and save Image path to Table
    and load it From Directory!

    i write this code for save image but do nothing!

    QImage originalPixmap;"D:\\Projects\\physiotherapy\\sickpic"+filename);

    any body can help me please?

  • the folder tree should exist (QImage will not create folders) and filename should contain the extension otherwise you have to provide it as second argument

  • @VRonin
    but folder is exist and image doese not save :|
    with this code i chek the path:

    void Medical_Records::createFolderPath()
        QDir createfolder("D:\\Projects\\physiotherapy\\sickpic");

  • 2 questions:

    • does originalPixmap.isNull() return true?
    • what is the content of filename?

  • @VRonin
    1:qDebug dont show anything about it
    2:content is this :

         QString filename = "asd.PNG";

  • 1: could you try Q_ASSERT(!originalPixmap.isNull()); (this should cause a "crash" in your application if the image is null)
    2: your are missing a / try also to specify the format:"D:/Projects/physiotherapy/sickpic/"+filename,"PNG");

  • thanks:)
    with this note:

    • 2: your are missing a / try also to specify the format: `"D:/Projects/physiotherapy/sickpic/"+filename,"PNG");*
      Saving Problem Solved
      But if i want to write a code to if picture exists show message and with yes/no
      if user clicks on the yes overwrite pic
      Thanks a lot:)

  • if(QFile::exists("D:/Projects/physiotherapy/sickpic/"+filename))

  • This post is deleted!

  • @VRonin
    my problems Solved
    Thank you very much my dear Friend :)

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