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  • @veryqtperson
    very funny...
    Friday afternoon should be a day for free money back then... or maybe they do that because of poor paid back, when we can not see all the mecanism of money transaction, we are unable to well understand the real motivations for cut a branch where we are seat on.

    Most of the time, there is: doing good, and doing the best. "Best is the enemy of Good".
    Sure sensibilities is a big breaker for all things to construct for other... it is also a way to show a fragility, that's human for most of humans (the majority from far, and i maybe one of them many times).
    I like to just go for doing good things, it is so difficult and a big challenge: from monday to saturday and with regularity as possible. Try to do more (for want to be the best one), but stop on friday after lunch has just no sens.

    actually, i prefer the old forum, not for look (i really don't care about that in fact), but for usability.
    So maybe from monday to saturday is to short in a week for this team... lol

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    @jerome_isAviable said in Welcome to the new theme:

    2/ change the title of this post for people directly understand what you will ask before read your post

    This is the responsibility of the person who writes the post.

    6/ improve the classifications/sort of posts in the user area... there is no way for sort/classified things, all is simply sorted by date of publication without any way to classify sort things. It is not use-full. Imagine a desktop of someone who works like that... quickly it can not works more and loose every thing because of no organisation ability.

    Do you mean classifications like https://forum.qt.io/category/10/general-and-desktop and https://forum.qt.io/category/12/qt-quick ?

    7/ do improve a search tool power-full for new subjects and for find old ones to... actually, the forum is pain-full to use because of that poor search tools and sort print on screen. If i'm more able to help on some subjects, i can not... if i'm searching something but i don't have the exact words used by others (because i can not know that before have to read them), then i'm locked... there is no power-full search engine.

    You can use Google. Type site:forum.qt.io with your search keywords.

    @jerome_isAviable said in Welcome to the new theme:

    actually, i prefer the old forum, not for look (i really don't care about that in fact), but for usability.

    Can you please describe how the usability changed between the old forum and the new forum?

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    I do agree on some of your points, notably the search feature and a need for better code formatting tools, but I do have some comments on other:

    1. What links would you like there exactly? What for if the footer is usually not visible at all? Similarly - why would you want admin contact on every page? There's a chat if you need to contact an admin or moderator. Also remember that the forum uses (if you didn't disable it in your options) an "infinite scroll", which makes footer on some pages pretty useless anyway.
    2. Was there ever a dark theme on the forum? I totally missed that... Anyway, most web pages don't support changeable themes and that's fine. It's a maintenance burden (you said yourself that focus should be on other features). Personally I like the new colors better, but if you don't (you can never please everybody) just apply a shim with your browser. I'm sure there are tons of nodebb themes for browser stylers.
    3. I didn't understand most of what you wrote, but a fixed width text on a web page has nothing to do with fashion. It's actually a usability feature. There are many typographical studies showing user fatigue and increased focus loss beyond certain amount of text in a line. Have you noticed that books don't usually have a "widescreen" format? It's for a reason that has nothing to do with fashion or youngster's wave. And again - if you don't like it tweak it with your favorite browser styler.
    4. From what @tekojo said they are doing exactly that - switching to the standard NodeBB theme means less work put into the look and feel maintenance.
    5. I'm not sure what classification you mean? There are already sub-forums or do you have something different in mind? Can you give an example page of what you mean?

    This forum actually is more a fashion forum than a usefull one.

    That's a little unsubstantial claim. There's ton of people posting and using it for years, claiming otherwise.

    actually, i prefer the old forum, not for look (...), but for usability.

    I saw a couple of new features but never noticed anything gone. Can you point out what functionality was there that vanished?

  • Don't know if this is the place to report a problem but:

    Firefox 48.0.2
    Windows 7

    The bottom part of the create new topic or reply is cut when the browser is not fullscreen and it's not scrollable to

    How it looks: How it looks

    How it should looks: How it should look

    EDIT: Solved

  • Psst! It's been two months. The new theme is still almost unusable on mobile. The menu button doesn't work. The reply button doesn't work. On the positive side, it is now possible to scroll code snippets. But unfortunately those bouncing snippets make it often difficult to scroll pages... :)

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry about the delay. We've now fixed some of the ugliest issues with mobile use in this forum. I know there are more so please keep the bug reports coming!

  • All topics are now opened as normal topics rather than questions (i.e. they do not have solve/unsolved by default any more). was this change intentional?

  • @VRonin No, that wasn't intentional. We had to update the QA-plugin to fix a few major issues with composer in mobile view. Unfortunately the plugin isn't that actively maintained and every new update brings a couple of new bugs. For example it's possible to change the topic type to "Ask as Question" via submit dropdown, however the button text doesn't change accordingly.

    We probably should fork the plugin and fix those few annoyances instead of waiting for the official patches.

  • Is anyone else able to reply on mobile? For me, the Reply-buttons and links do nothing (Safari on iOS 10).

  • I could do it. Also Safari on iOS 10.1.1.

  • Well, I still cannot reply on mobile. I used to answer especially questions related to Qt Quick Controls 2, which I happen to know inside out, while commuting, but I have practically stopped using the site since nothing happens when I try to press reply.

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    What browser are you using ?

  • Safari on iOS 10.2.1. There must be something account-specific since @veryqtperson is able to reply.

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    I've been able to answer since that update so it's pretty strange.

    Then might be a silly question but is the connection secure when you access the forum from your device ? I've had similar problems on desktop because sometimes on copy paste, it used the http connection. AFAIK, this as been fixed in between but one never knows...

  • Yes, mobile Safari on iOS 10.2.1 works for me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes, the connection is secure. For what it's worth, the problem persists only on iOS. I seem to be able to post from an Android tablet, and any desktop/laptop of course...

  • Just in case, my settings for JavaScript and cookies.
    And perhaps you have some 3rd-party content-blocker and it messes around with the forum. Although, I have 1Blocker installed.

  • I have JavaScript enabled and cookies allowed from websites I visit. Changing the cookie policy to more strict allowing cookies from the current website only doesn't seem to change anything.

  • @veryqtperson said in Welcome to the new theme:

    And perhaps you have some 3rd-party content-blocker and it messes around with the forum. Although, I have 1Blocker installed.

    Ha, there we go! Thank you, now the editor pops up! I didn't even think about it that I had Crystal enabled. *facepalm*

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