[SOLVED] Qt Creator fails to start after installing [Failed to launch 'Qt Creator', Failed to change to diretory root]

  • Im using fedora 15 x86_64,
    i installed the latest version of the sdk, and everything was fine until i installed skype... wich needed some of my repos qt files, shot story, now i every time i try to open qt i get this wierd message, and if i reinstall it, and open it from the isntaller [run Qt Creator] it opens, but dont open from menus or command line showing that message.

  • When you installing SDK, did you installing this as user or as root?

  • as a user... but it asked me to enter my "su" password

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    did you run the installer with "sudo", then?

  • i did the following: Downloaded the offline isntaler, entered as root on the directory, ran chmod u+x [filename] went as a user to my folder, started the isntall process, and then finnaly it asked me the sudo password [cuz im installign in /opt/QtSDK

  • Hm... it seems like problem with permissions. Can you try install QtSDK to your home dir?

  • ok, that for sure will do the trick, thanks guys... sorry to bother with silly questions...

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