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  • Has anyone used this before? All I'm trying to do is add a search feature to the help documents. My help displays just fine, it's cut into 2 widgets, the one on the left is the contents and the one on the right is the documentation. I added the QHelpSearchQueryWidget to the top, but obviously it isn't functional yet... I can't seem to create a QHelpSearchResultWidget object to display, and I'm just kind of generally confused on how it works. Qt is brand new to me, and I'm a beginner at C++. Can anyone chime in that has experience with QHelp?

  • Ok, I've figured out how to display the result widget. Now I am stuck on implementing the search's functionality. I am new to signals and slots, but I've read the docs. I can see that the QHelpSearchQueryWidget::search() signal is emitted when the user clicks the search button. What slot is supposed to receive it? I'm pretty lost here.

    Here's the QtHelp module doc if anyone's interested. Thanks in advance

  • look at an old Qt Quarterly with an article from the help system:
    (Issue 29 · Q1 2009)

  • Thanks for that link, but I'm still lost... just trying to populate the result widget when the user clicks "search" on the search widget. I'm using the built-in search and result widgets

  • bump... still lost on how to populate the result widget. There don't seem to be any functions in any in the qthelp classes for this...

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