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Manipulating QtWebEngine printToPdf()

  • Hi,

    since QtWebEngine now has a method to render web pages to PDF files we would gladly switch to this method instead of printing html content via a TextDocument.

    One thing that is currently missing in this workflow is the possibility to add static data to the printed PDF pages (like headers and footers on every page). What would be a good approach to this using printToPdf()?


  • Hello,

    I have the same problem.
    Thought we can add header or footer via CSS print on every page in Firefox, and with more work on Chrome, the webkit version embedded in Qt doesn't behave the same and the header/footer overlaps the content to print.
    I'm not sure that page counter works neither.

    Please note that css print with both header and footer on every page doesn't seem to be possible in Firefox for now.

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