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how to show window border from a Qt widget on rpi?

  • Hi,
    I have problem with window border of qt GUI that executes on rpi. when the GUI starts, it removes minimize, maximize and close buttons of title bar. I don't set windowsflag Qt::CustomizeWindowHint but I don't see any border button on my gui. I use linuxfb plugin. how can I fix it?

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    The linuxfb plugin doesn't provide windowing. If you want that either use the xcb plugin with an X server or the QtWayland module.

    Hope it helps

  • @SGaist
    Hi SGaist,
    thank you for your response, I used linuxfb plugin since when I wanted to compile qt for rpi, I got some errors from xcb. I couldn't fix it so I regarded it and I did compiling with no xcb. now I can't use xcb but I will try QtWayland module.

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    Then the next question is: do you really need windowing in your application ?

  • @SGaist e

    yes, I should use it since I want to map this application on a product with touch screen. I can add a pushbutton for closing the application but since other users would like to have windowing for close or maximize/minimize the application, I should consider it :)
    I don't have any experience with QtWayland, does it need any installation or adding library for pi or qt?

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    You have the Wayland Qt 5 page that can be of interest.

    One note about it: it's currently being updated. The old qtjsbackend dependency is not needed anymore but the update hasn't been pushed yet.

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