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creating Installer in language other than English

  • Hello,

    I want to create installer for my application in different languages. I successfully create the installer for English using default Qt framework i.e no additional pages are introduced. Now i want to create installer in German language, i don't know how to produced further.

    I also tried the translation example provided with Qt installer framework, i followed the step provided @ http://doc.qt.io/qtinstallerframework/qt-installer-framework-translations-example.html . But could not able to achieve the goal.

    Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for quick response.

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    @neerajs said:

    But could not able to achieve the goal.

    Help us first and tell what exactly isn't working...

  • In the translation example, a dynamic page is introduce with title "Translations Example" which has two string as "This is a dynamically Created page" and "This is some text.". As suggested in the example link provided above, before building installer i have created "de.ts" and "de.qm" file using "lupdate" and "lrelease" utility and also included "de.qm" file in package.xml. But on running installer text on the page appear in English instead of German.

    I hope this will clear the doubts. I might be on the wrong path path, please suggest.

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    note that the context in the ts file (in the example "Page" and "installscript") has to match.
    So did you rename your Page-class? If so you need to update the ts file.
    Also make sure that the path to the qm-file is correct.

  • @raven-worx thanks for quick reply.

    we did not make any changes in the context of page class or in any other files. we use the example as provided by the qt installer framework. Also qm-file is at the same directory where package.xml file is present i.e meta directory of root component.

    Also one more observation on the running the installer with verbose (-v), default language show in the logs is en-US. Please find the image for reference. 0_1472463996341_TranslationExample.png

  • hey did you solve this issue. have the same problem now.

  • @Porchezhiyan-E

    As already written as answer in your other post, there is sometimes little response on installer questions and most of the people lack the experience with installer details.

    At first probably you have to give more information on what you try to do. Also the language(s) you are using.

    The original post is on German and English. Other languages further away from those "easy-to-handle" character sets might invoke a bunch of other issues.

    Out of personal experience I know that the installer is orientating itself on the OS language setting. My combination is also German and English. I see typically German on my own machines, because of OS. I was happy enough to see that English settings switching to this standard language.

    Possibly you might want to raise this question with more of the details also on the dev-mailing list.

  • @koahnig thank you ill raise this question with more details ,as you said.

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