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push button not showing at run time

  • I have a dialog with 24 push buttons on it and have this problem.
    At run time the last push button added to this dialog is not showing.
    There is a blank where it should be.
    It shows in the preview, but not at run time.
    Your help is much needed.

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    try to make Dialog bigger.
    If its showing in Designer, then no reason for it to be gone runtime.
    Unless moved by layout or anything like that.
    So try with HUGE Dialog and see.

  • Thanks. I made it bigger at run time but no help.
    I am using qt5.5 by the way.
    Also I notice that the
    moc_dashboarddialog.o and the
    ui_dashoarddialog.h and the
    all three have the date of 7/20/2016.
    While dashboarddialog.ui has 8/18/2016 of course.
    How can I recompile the these three .o modules.
    I ran clean all, ran qmake, and ran build all. no help.

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    It could be that moc is not triggered as it should.

    To test if that is that

    please delete ALL files in the build folder. (manually)

    so we are sure that all ui_xxxx are gone.

  • Thanks to all that has replied to this post.
    My ignorance of Qt has done me in again. I was causing the problem myself.
    The dialog was in two places on disk, I combined them and now I see the push button.
    Thanks so much to all.

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