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QDateTimeEdit.calendarPopup() freeze app on raspbian

  • Hello,

    I have a basic QDateTimeEdit input with "calendarPopup" option checked in QtCreator.
    When I open the calendar and try to choose a date, it freezes raspbian (raspberry pi 2B). After that the only thing I can do is go to terminal (ctrl+alt+f1) and kill the application.

    My debugging so far:

    • I opened monitor to see the ram and cpu and they seem to be around 200M and 30%, so no problem here;
    • opened application on debug mode and from terminal and no messages or errors;
    • tested on raspbian wheezy, qt 4.8
    • tested on raspbian jessie, qt 5.3

    I made the application on a desktop on ubuntu 16.04 and works without problems. Then recompiled on raspbian.
    My temporary solution is to uncheck "calendarPopup" to avoid the freezing, but I would like a solution if possible.