Not able to use Microsoft nmake compiler in Windows 7 -64 bit

  • Hi, I am new to QT. I have tried some of the samples and I noticed that in Windows 7, the tool chain or the compiler used is MinGW. I can't select or change to Microsoft compiler-nmake. I have already installed the Visual studio 2010 express edition.


  • Unless you compile the library's yourself you have to download the version of the Library's for Visual Studio this will work with 2008 express edition to use 2010 you must download the source and compile the library's yourself. Unless something has changed lately

  • In case you want to compile manually you may want to see "this discussion on SO": those steps worked for me.

  • Hi, thanks for the response. I did manage to compile the Qt source code using visual 2010. However, I noticed that the Qt creator is not included.
    Ideally, I would like to use qt creator and debugging, like setting break points from the Qt creator

  • [quote author="mksuper" date="1309316933"]Ideally, I would like to use qt creator and debugging, like setting break points from the Qt creator[/quote]

    You can use Qt Creator independently to which version of Qt you are using. Install Qt Creator and add the Qt you just compiled from Tools menu, Option, Qt4 section (left side), add a new version of Qt (give a name and location of qmake.exe)
    Then you can use that version of Qt to compile your projects. In case you have you have more than one Qt Installed, you will need to specify version manually.

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    <nitpick>nmake is not a compiler. It is just a tool that runs the actual compiler.</nitpick>

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