grapGesture - QScrollArea scroll with 1 Finger touch

  • Hello,
    I found this way

    QScroller::grabGesture(ui->scrollArea, QScroller::LeftMouseButtonGesture);

    to avoid the annoying 2-Finger scroll. With this code I can scroll with one Finger.

    But I found a problem.
    When I click on a QPushButton in this scrollarea to open a new Dialog with an other one-Finger-ScrollArea in it, the scrolling does not work here.
    When I disable the one-Finger scrolling in first area with the Button it, the second dialog works.
    Only one grabGesture possible - must I disable it - on disabeling in the first Dialog in the on click even the app crashes after I close the 2. Dialog ????????????

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    @Andy314 said:


    what you u also call
    for the second
    one-Finger-ScrollArea ?

  • Yes, of course !

  • When I move the Button which calls the 2. Dialog out of the scrolling area, all works.
    So calling a scrollarea from an other scroll area is not posssible.
    Maybe in the _clicked event processing the gesture processing is in work and prevents other gesture processings ?
    What can I do ?

    I have checked my thesis.
    In the Button onClicked I start a timer in 100 ms .
    In the timer-even I open the 2. dialog -> it works.

    Hm, a little bit roundabout ! Is there an more easy and direct way ?

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    when you open this dialog, do you call exec() ?
    That will start a local event loop and it might be the reason.

  • Yes, I start a modal dialog with exec !

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    ok, that might do strange stuff as it stays in there.
    try calling show() instead to test

    note, show() dont block so if u have code

    code that do something with dialog stuff after OK

    switching to show() wont work.

  • @mrjj
    Indeed with show it works.

    Any ideas how perform it with exec ?

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    Only as you self discovered to use a timer to
    start it via other signal.

  • @mrjj
    Thank you for you help, here is my short solution:

    QMetaObject::invokeMethod(this, "functionToCall", Qt::QueuedConnection);

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    @Andy314 said:


    ah, yes. i wondered if it would work.
    And it does. super.

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