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Need QT Project type suggestions for my app

  • Hi, this is my first post in the forum.

    I'm planning to create my first app with QT. I want to create an application that generates user defined top-down map. The user should be capable of drag and drop shapes representing areas and the application will generate walls based on the shape.

    With the help of the app the user will be able to create something like this: Example map #1 -- Example map #2

    My question is:
    Which QT project should I use ? Which one fit better? In order to draw the map, would it be better to use OpenGL or is there any level of abstraction directly provided by QT?

    Many thanks to all of you!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome :)

    A map generator :) cool

    How big are these bitmaps?

    if not like 5000x5000, then QImage/pixmap might work fine and opengl would/might be overkill.

    I would make my own widget for this
    and implement paintEvent to draw the image + any text or what ever u drag to area.

    for drag and drop please see

  • Thank you a lot for the fast reply.

    What if I have to decorate this map? Let's say the user after walls are generated, wants to add decorations ( a table, a lamp, door, etc... ). Let's also say I want to add some light according to the wall position. Is still the QImage/pixmap worth a try in this case?

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    if a lamb can just be a small bit map, then yes, using pixmaps for overlays would work too.

    If you want real lighting, then no, using bitmaps would be hard.
    But u can create the effect of light

    But real lighting is best done with opengl.

    so all depends on, what you need in editor.
    what features it needs.

  • Ok, I guess I will go for OpenGL so :)

    Last question, which QT project should I use? I would like to use QML and quick controls but they look more "mobile-app friendly". Am I wrong ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    QML was ment for the mobile generation but also works
    in Desktop apps.
    So yes you can use that if you like.

    you could try QML to see if u like it

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