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QDockWidget::geometry() ???

  • I have a two dock widgets, which is docked and tabbed.
    I need to get geometry each of them:

    typedef std::vector<QRect> v_QRect;
    v_QRect dockwnds;
    const QObjectList &lst = m_main_window->children();
    std::for_each(lst.begin(), lst.end(), [&dockwnds](const QObject *obj)
    		const QDockWidget *dw = qobject_cast<const QDockWidget*>(obj);
    		if (nullptr != dw && dw->isVisible()) 

    The front dock widget has a normal geometry, but "hiden" dock widget has a negative X,Y position.
    How to get a normal geometry in this case?

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    What do you mean by Normal Geometry ?
    Since the widget is not is not displayed it is not drawn on the screen. So it has default value x=0;y=0; This is the default value.

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