Widgets/C++ camera quality vs QtQuick/Qml camera quality

  • Hello,
    I have a problem: for some strange reason default "camera" example implemented in C++ displays way more qualitative image compared to QtQuick "declarative-camera" example. For example, compare the following two screenshots:
    --> same hardware config, same Qt config, etc, yet such a big difference in quality...

    The question is: is there a way to make QtQuick/Qml declarative camera have same quality of video output as Widgets/C++ camera has?


  • I think not. It seems to not deeply use the same "gstreamer plugins". I'm also not sure of my answer, but it is the impression i have.
    You can maybe try to change some camera parameters from qml code, but not sure you will have the same result (it's look like luminosity problem).

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