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QML android webview error

  • Hello,

    I m trying to display some local html / css file but I get an "ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

    I use this to import the html css file on my .pro

    deployment.files += test.html
    deployment.files += test.css
    deployment.path = /assets
    INSTALLS += deployment

    my c++ file :

    QFile file( "assets:/test.html" );
          if( !file.exists() )
            qDebug() << "---------The file" << file.fileName() << "does not exist.-----------------";
          else qDebug() << "---------The file" << file.fileName() << "exist.-----------------";
          engine.rootContext()->setContextProperty("pathToFile", "assets:/test.html");

    my .qml file :

    WebView {
                    id: webview
                    url: pathToFile
                    anchors.fill: parent

    I know that the files exists, but I dont know why it didnt work .... thanks for your help

  • Hi! Your file path in QFile(...) is correct but when you need an URL for an asset on Android then you have to use file:///android_asset/.... So, assuming your test file is assets:/data/test.html, the correct URL is:

    WebView {
      url: "file:///android_asset/data/test.html"

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