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QML-App crashes with VirtualKeyboard (InputPanel)

  • I develop a QML GUI on an i.MX53 board with Linux 2.6.3, GCC 4.7.3 and Qt 5.7 EGLFS.

    The Enterprise version of the VirtualKeyboard is successfully compiled, deployed to the local filesystem of the board, and QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 shows that the qtvirtualkeyboardplugin is loaded.

    But as soon as I have an InputPanel item added to my main.qml, the program crashes as soon the main QApplication is executed with "exec()" after the QQuickView is shown with "show()".

    When the InputPanel is commented out, the program runs without a crash, but of course does not show a keyboard when it should.

    When the QQuickView is not shown (no show()), the program also starts, but of course nothing is displayed.

    QML_TRACE_IMPORTS=1 ends with the lines

    QQmlImports(qrc:///QtQuick/Enterprise/VirtualKeyboard/content/components/ShiftKey.qml)::addLibraryImport: "QtQuick.Enterprise.VirtualKeyboard" 2.0 as ""
    QQmlImports(qrc:///QtQuick/Enterprise/VirtualKeyboard/content/components/ShiftKey.qml)::resolveType: "BaseKey" => "" QUrl("qrc:///QtQuick/Enterprise/VirtualKeyboard/content/components/BaseKey.qml") TYPE/URL
    QQmlImports(qrc:/QtQuick/Enterprise/VirtualKeyboard/content/layouts/en_GB/main.qml)::resolveType: "InputEngine" => "QtVirtualKeyboard::InputEngine" TYPE

    followed by some debug console.log() output from components in the VirtualKeyboard plugin. So the plugin QML code appears to be loaded and at least partially instanciated.

    The whole project is kept compatible to Windows, and for Windows the problem does not occur at all.

    What could be the reason for the crash in Linux?

    Kind regards,

  • Maybe because qt linux does not support two windows. the virtual keyboard is a new window.I meet the same problem, but do not know how to resolve it.

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