[SOLVED] Multiple QML targets

  • Hello,

    I wanted to ask what would you suggest to solve my issue. I have a QML application which I have to build several times. Unfortunatelly every build differs on some graphics content (from non developer point of view my one application is a several different applications). I'm thinking how to solve it in a clever way so that I does everything with a single make and can be keept in one repo. The ideal solution is to switch resources for every build but I failed with QML (for example Image) and content taken from resources.

    Any ideas?


  • I would switch resource files, putting conditionals in the .pro file to load a .qrc file for each target.

    What kind of problems did you have loading content from resource files in QML?

  • Wild guess. Maybe you used ":/image.png" instead of "qrc:/image.png"?

  • I will try again, but AFAIR I tried both solutions.

  • Damn me, It works!

    @Denis: thanks a lot.

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