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Is it possible to make PageIndicator fit parent?

  • I am adding too much items in SwipeView and PageIndicator does not fit my windows. Can someone help me to avoid this? For example, make dots smaller, or replace PageIndicator on ScroolIndicator or make it look like ScroolIndicator?

  • We never thought someone would use PageIndicator for so many items that it wouldn't fit on the screen. :) Nevertheless, here's an untested (sorry, no access to a development environment right now) example snippet that shows how you might be able to use a ScrollIndicator:

    ScrollIndicator {
        width: swipeView.width
        anchors.bottom: swipeView.bottom
        active: true
        orientation: Qt.Horizontal
        readonly property Flickable flickable: swipeView.contentItem
        size: flickable.visibleArea.widthRatio
        position: flickable.visibleArea.xPosition

  • Thanks for reply, will try it out later. I am using it for swipable image preview area. Maybe there is better solution for this, I don't know. But it works well except of indicator.

  • @jpnurmi cool, it works, thanks a lot.