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"this" disappears from "locals and expressions" if clicked on during debugging in Qt Creator 4 (Win10 MSVC2015 x64 CDB. Bare C++. No Qt classes used)

  • Hello!

    So, I updated Qt Creator yesterday and now I have a problem during debugging.

    I'm using Qt Creator 4.0.3, MSVC2015 with CDB and I compile 64bit binaries. This is a non-qt project. I'm not using any qt classes.

    My project structure is rather simple: 2 sub projects. One static library and one application.

    If I set a break point in a class from the static library, I can't inspect the "this" pointer. It shows up in the "locals and expressions" panel but when I click on it, it just disappears.

    This is not an issue if I try that in a class of my application sub project. It's also not an issue if I try to inspect variables I created in that specific scope in a class in the static library. However, I also can't expect objects of a class from the static library that were created in the application project.

    Both projects are compiled in debug mode.

    Also, I had to manually add the CDB for 64bit. Qt creator didn't find it on it's own. When I did that, it also says it uses the 2013 ABI. This might be related. Not sure. Doesn't seem like it but too much information doesn't hurt, does it?

    Also, since we're already at it, Qt Creator doesn't recompile my projects if I run or debug. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    It almost seems like Qt Creator doesn't load the debug symbols for the static library and just drops the whole "this" entry or rather any entry for an object of a class in the static library.