QTableView select rows with cell merged

  • Hi,

    I have a QTableView and i have merged some cells.
    When i click on an item, i want to select all merge rows.

    When i click on the merged cell, i get what i want :
    alt text

    But when i click on unmerged cell i get this :
    alt text
    alt text

    How can i set the selection on the both rows ?


    EDIT : i forgot to say that i'm in single selction mode and row selection mode.

  • @Zoptune
    Did you look at this ?

  • @Ratzz

    Hi and thx for reply,

    No i haven't seen this topic.
    I will take a look at it but i don't want the user to be able to select multiple rows.
    I want to consider rows with merged cells as a signle row.

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