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QDomElement::setAttributeNS() sets empty namespace URI

  • Hi guys,

    I wanted to use namespace in my QDomDocument, but namespace URI is not appearing in the output.
    Using Qt 4.8.6

    I have no idea what's wrong here, so any idea would be useful.

    The following line should do the trick:

    m_root.setAttributeNS("foo", "bar",  1.0);

    and the result should look like this:

    <fooelement foo:bar="1.0"/>

    but, i got this:

    <fooelement :bar="1.0"/>

    Here is the full source:

    #include <QCoreApplication>
    #include <QFile>
    #include <QDomDocument>
    #include <QTextStream>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QFile file("attributeNStest.xml");
        QDomDocument *m_doc = new QDomDocument("foodoc");
        QDomElement m_root;
        m_root = m_doc->createElement("fooelement");
        // version attribute
        m_root.setAttributeNS("foo", "bar",  1.0);
        QTextStream out(&file);
        out << m_doc->toString();
        return 0;

  • Hi @drB33R, welcome :)

    I'm no XML expert, but I think I can see the issue...

    In your desired output:

    <fooelement foo:bar="1.0"/>

    foo is not a namespace URI, but rather a namespace prefix.

    Note, the prefix is supposed to alias to a namespace URI via an xmlns attribute, but you have not provided the URI in your desired output, so I'll use for example.

    Now, where you have:

    m_root.setAttributeNS("foo", "bar",  1.0);
    • the first parameter (foo) is supposed to be the namespace URI (remember, foo in your desired output is the namespace prefix, not the URI).
    • the second parameter (bar) is supposed to be "qualified name" - that is, both the namespace prefix and the attribute name together - ie foo:bar in your example.

    So, putting it all together, you would change:

    m_root.setAttributeNS("foo", "bar",  1.0);


    m_root.setAttributeNS("", "foo:bar",  1.0);

    That gives the output:

    <fooelement foo:bar="1" xmlns:foo=""/>

    Hopefully that gets you a bit closer to whatever you're trying to achieve :)


  • Hi @Paul-Colby,

    Now, I understand better what the Qt document wanted to say about this function.
    (Probably, an example in the doc would be useful.)

    It's a different question, but is there any way to move the xmlns attribute outside from this tag?
    (Example, If I would use more <fooelement> tags, it would be redundant to see this definition again.)

    Thanks a lot!