Question about QtConnectivity module

  • Hey,

    I just cloned the git repository qtconnectivity.git and checkout wip/win. I just want to see the current progress. Is there any page(?) or anything like that to see the current progress what's working and what's still buggy?

    Cause I can scan BLE devices under windows, connect but execute createServiceObject(uuid) with the QLowEnergyController results in a crash.

    So an info page/bugtracker/whatever would be awesome to stay up to date - if it exists.

  • Moderators

    you can check the bugtracker for connectivity related issues.

    There may also be some "overview-issues" which bundle sub-issues.

  • Thx a lot.

    Is my issue a reason to open a bug thread or not yet cause it's still "WIP"?

  • Moderators

    no dont create a bug.
    As you said it's WIP, errors are highly possible.

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