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QScrollarea and touch

  • I want use the QScrollarea on a tablet. There are 2 main problems.

    1. Touch-Scrolling works only with 2 fingers.
      Is there a way to enable 1 finger scrolling for the scroll area to give it a consistent GUI for QML/Widget mixed apps.
    2. If I touch with 2 fingers on a QPushButton, scroll and then lift my fingers I get a clickEvent from the button, but I want only scrolling.

    Is there a solution for the problem ?

  • @Andy314
    I'm not sure if the following snippet solves your problem since I have no display near by - but in a project some years ago I setup the scrollArea as followed. Just try - and forget my conment if it does not work... ;-)

            // hide scrollbars
            // configure gesture and add rubberband effect
            QScroller::grabGesture(scrollArea, QScroller::LeftMouseButtonGesture);

  • Hello @micland,

    wow, it works and is so simple. Qt surprises again, there are certainly much more feature of Qt I dont know.

    Thank you very much for this tip, it solves a lot of problem for my project. :-)

  • @Andy314
    Fine, you're welcome :)
    I remember I had a similiar problem years ago and found that snippet in one of the examples - but I was not sure if my problem was exactly the same that you had. Seems so...

  • Have you tried using QScroller::grabGesture(scrollArea, QScroller::LeftMouseButtonGesture); on a QWidgets application with multiple QScrollAreas?

    Has that presented any problems for you?

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