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MSVC2005 problem including Qt class with VSADDIN

  • I ran into a problem with vsaddin and visual studio 2005. When I add an existing Qt class, generated with the addin, I cannot add this class into another project. Well actually can add the class, but the moc settings are not correct. The result is that the linker does not have the generated modules and it complains.

    Apparently, the creation of Qt class will add entries into the debug and release folders under the "Generated Files" folder. The compilation and linking is working without a problem. However, I need to add the same class in another project. When I do so, the class itself is added to the mnus and the compilation works. However, the moc process is apparently not properly setup. I have noticed that the appropriate entry is only generated in the associate release folder, but it is not added in the debug folder. Since I am at this stage in debug mode, I cannot link my application. Attempts to adjust the property settings failed desperately.

    In the meantime I have updated from vsaddin 1.1.6 to 1.1.9. But this did not help.

    I have compared the exported settings, but there is nothing in there, which seem to be crucial for the moc process for this particular file.

    Currently I am out of options. Any suggestions how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance for any advise.

  • Apparently, I was not out of options. I have found a solution for my problem.
    I just copied and pasted the moc_*.cpp entries from one application to the other application. It was more of a desperate trial, but it worked. I do not know why, but that does not bother me at the moment.
    Nevertheless, I am wondering if this will work also between different solutions, but both applications are in the same solution anyhow.

  • Just to close this thread.
    It seems to eb an isolated issue with the particular project setup. I could not reproduce the problem with a freshly generated Qt project.

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