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QListView Stylesheet Question

  • So currently i have a QListView, and i have ve set its stylesheet to

    QListView::item {border: 0px solid black; padding-left: 5px}"
    "QListView::text { left: 25px }"
    "QListView::text:!selected { left: 25px }"
    "QListView::text:selected { left: 25px }"
    "QListView::icon {spacing: 15px }"

    And because of that it looks like this

    That is how i want it to look, except for the icons are not correct size. But when i mouse over it it transforms to

    as you can see in the second image, the icons are not aligned and neither is the text. How can i get the text and icons to permanently be aligned?

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    Do you have any additional stylesheet set for a widget in the parent hierarchy?
    Because the posted stylesheet of yours shouldn't result in this effect.

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