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Has anyone deployed an application using QtWebEngine on Linux successfully?

  • I don't mean building it on a linux box, I mean packaging it up into a self-contained application that can be dropped onto a clean (no Qt) box and actually load a webpage?

    I'm finding this really difficult to do and wanted to converse with someone who has actually done this.

    I can get all the rest of my application's QML UIs to function properly, but as soon as I try to navigate a WebEngineView - core dump. Not a core dump when the view is displayed, only after trying to navigate.

    Thanks :)

  • Yes, I have seen that. One problem though is often finding the chromium resources, QtWebEngine will search for them in the Qt prefix paths, so if they are different than QtWebEngine's that can cause issue. QtWebEngine will also try several fallback until it gets to the directory of the executable. Here it is important to note that it is a multi-process architecture, and that besides your own executable also is an executable in libexec, that also needs to find some resources.

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