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How to deploy windows app on a clean machine?

  • My application works well on a development machine, but when I've tried to deploy to a windows clean machine, it crash without messages. After googling different answers on various forums, I've copied all the dlls, but continues crashing. I've already used the windeployqt tool, but without success. My app directory now has this aparence, but continues crashing:

    <DIR>          audio
    <DIR>          bearer
         3.695.104 D3Dcompiler_47.dll
    <DIR>          iconengines
        25.338.368 icudt54.dll
    <DIR>          imageformats
            22.016 libEGL.dll
           120.334 libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
         2.801.664 libGLESV2.dll
         1.540.622 libstdc++-6.dll
            79.360 libwinpthread-1.dll
    <DIR>          mediaservice
        15.220.736 opengl32sw.dll
         1.350.656 app.exe
    <DIR>          platforms
    <DIR>          playlistformats
    <DIR>          position
    <DIR>          qml
    <DIR>          qmltooling
    <DIR>          Qt
    <DIR>          Qt3D
         5.384.704 Qt5Core.dll
         5.283.840 Qt5Gui.dll
           853.504 Qt5Multimedia.dll
         1.610.240 Qt5Network.dll
           263.168 Qt5Positioning.dll
         3.924.480 Qt5Qml.dll
         3.771.904 Qt5Quick.dll
            79.360 Qt5SerialPort.dll
           348.160 Qt5Svg.dll
         6.358.528 Qt5Widgets.dll
    <DIR>          QtBluetooth
    <DIR>          QtCanvas3D
    <DIR>          QtGraphicalEffects
    <DIR>          QtLocation
    <DIR>          QtMultimedia
    <DIR>          QtNfc
    <DIR>          QtPositioning
    <DIR>          QtQml
    <DIR>          QtQuick
    <DIR>          QtQuick.2
    <DIR>          QtSensors
    <DIR>          QtTest
    <DIR>          QtWebChannel
    <DIR>          QtWebSockets
    <DIR>          QtWinExtras
    <DIR>          translations

  • Hi, the icuin54.dll and the icuuc54.dll are missing.

  • After coying all the dll inside C:\Qt\5.7\mingw53_32\bin (excluding *d.dll), it runs.

    The icu* aren't needed.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @lqsa The debug versions are only needed if you build in debug mode. Did you build in release or debug mode?

  • I've built in realease mode, this is the reason why I've excluded all the *d.dll

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