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[SOLVED]QLibrary - load and using DLL

  • Well, I have Project.Configuration.dll, which exports function:
    @Q_DECL_EXPORT Configurator* getConfiguration(void);@

    I have got a lot of problems:

    • In debug directory is Project.Configuration.dll, but in Project.exe QLibrary can't find "Project.Configuration" (with omitted suffix)
    • I can't get that exported function because there are errors with this code:
      typedef Configurator* (ConfigurationPrototype)(void);
      Configurator* Config = 0;
      QLibrary *ConfigLib = new QLibrary(QString("Project.Configuration.dll"));
      ConfigurationPrototype GetConfigurator = (ConfigurationPrototype)ConfigLib->resolve("getConfigurator"); // this makes errors

    error: C2072: 'GetConfigurator' : initialization of a function

    error: C2205: 'GetConfigurator' : cannot initialize extern variables with block scope

    error: C2066: cast to function type is illegal

    error: C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'ConfiguratorPrototype (__cdecl *)' to 'ConfiguratorPrototype'

    There are no conversions to function types, although there are conversions to references or pointers to functions

    Could you tell me, where is the problem?

  • You should write typedef Configurator* (* ConfigurationPrototype)(void)

  • And the first problem?

    Well, I rewrote it. And hopefully it works! :) :D

  • Try to delete the Makefile and compile in Release mode ...
    OK, I don't see your edit post :-)

  • well, but how to export function?
    @Q_DECL_EXPORT void function(void);@
    @void Q_DECL_EXPORT function(void);@


  • AFAIK,
    @void Q_DECL_EXPORT function(void);@
    Edit, also, if you want to use it you have to have something like this
    #if defined(MY_LIBRARY)





  • No, that defintion doesn't work. I can't find exported function from library (through QLibrary::resolve)

  • I use only the other :-) : @Q_DECL_EXPORT "function prototype"@ Also make sure your function is in @extern "C"@ body

  • Yes, "extern 'C'" working. :) :D Thank you very much.

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