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[SOLVED]what engine should i choose??

  • i am new to game development, i dont know which game engine is best???

    i want to know any opensource game engine which can be useful with qt???

  • What sort of game do you want to make? There are all kinds of "engines" for all kinds of things.

  • i want to develop 2d game

  • A very detailed description of your plans indeed.

  • That doesn't really tell us much. What kind of 2D game? Cards? Chess? Bomberman? Plants vs Zombies? WHich aspect do you want to learn about?

    For some inspiration take a look at the source code of the kde-games module (google it).

  • [quote author="Volker" date="1308904800"]A very detailed description of your plans indeed.[/quote]

    i have nt think yet, just need to know the first step.

  • First step is to define the problem. Only you can do that asonly you knwo what you want to work on.

  • I have the same question in mind guys. I am starting on a game right now.. it would be like a sort of typing maniac game on mobile... it will be a 2d game..

    the would-be flow of my game is that.. there will be falling balloon for example with a question on it.. then the user must key in the correct answer before it hits the ground

    what opensource game engine could be useful for my game??

  • That should be quite simple to do with QML. In fact there was a similar game to this shown at QtCS last week. It uses QML3d and can be found on "gitorious":

  • yeah QML it is.. But Do i need to have uhmm.. lets say any opensource game engine for this?
    or just QtQuick itself?

  • The "engine" is just your C++ and/or javascript code that implements the game logic. QML/QtQuick provide you with nice facilities for doign things like animations. The logic is up to you to write.

    For a simple game like this it should only be a few hundred lines.

  • there are a lot of apprehensions running through my mind. thanks for your answer ZapB. I am kinda enlightened. Thank you very much

  • No problem. If you run into specific problems whilst developing your game then please feel free to come back and ask more questions.

    Good luck!

  • thanks for your help.

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