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Qtcreator left side of assignment snippet

  • Hello,
    I come from Java and IntelliJ-IDEA.
    There is a cool feature that this IDE have that I failed to find in qt creator: automatic left side snippet


    double a =1;
    a+1 # <- here qtcreator knows a+1 is a double so it should be able to give me on a CTRL+Alt+V (that's the IntelliJ shortcut)
    [double ... = a+1;]

    With this you hardly have to type left side of assignations again...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @statquant said:

    [double ... = a+1;]

    That is what the suggestion give?

    So that all you type is B
    and you get
    double B = a+1;

    Else im not sure what it suggests :)

  • @mrjj Yes exactly
    Now if it is:
    [ALongClassname::const_reverse_iterator ... = ] stuff.rbegin();
    Is it more usefull ?