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Order of Components Created inside an QML page

  • Hi Guys,
    I need to understand how components inside an QML page gets created (i.e., order of creation). As per my understanding as QML is interpreter, it instantiates as it finds the components.I mean my mainwindow being a rectangle , i have Listmodel , Rectangle,Tumblers,Item,Radiobutton respectively. Here i need to know how it cretaes the order of components.

    In my case radiobutton gets created , before that oncheckedChanged signal gets emitted.

    Bala B

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    Check with Component.onCompleted SignalHandler. This signal will be sent when the corresponding object has been created. Place this signal handler in every object which is created. It will give you the flow of object creation.

  • Thank you sir for the reply.But i want to know on what basis does that create the object ?

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