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[solved]Support multi platform issue - Windows and Ubuntu

  • I have created a Qt application project in Qt creator on Windows XP and Would like it to be able to be opened in Qt creator on Ubuntu. How should I config the pro file? I can not build the project by just open the project using Qt Creator on Ubuntu.

  • Can you provide more info? What errors do you have?

  • Unless you use platform specific paths, you should not need to change anything. Otherwise, you can do something like (from one of my projects),
    win32 {
    LIBS += $$PWD/....\Tools\libgmp-3.dll
    LIBS += $$PWD/....\Tools\libgmpxx-4.dll
    } else:unix {
    LIBS *= -lgmp -lgmpxx
    QMAKE_LFLAGS *= -Wl,"-rpath-link $$KE_LIB_DIR"
    If, you still have errors, let us know, so we can help!

  • Yes. That is what I want. I use the boost library. Inside windows, I can setup the build enviroment by add boost libray to the INCLUDE path (INCLUDEPATH in pro file not work). But in Ubuntu, I have to use the INCLUDEPATH.

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