Sliding objects animation

  • Hello,
    let's say I have several QML objects and I want to show them one at time. When a new one is requested the current one should exit and the new one should enter.
    I'm not going to rely on ready-to-use QML Types like StackView or SwipeView because I might need to customize a lot the behavior and the animation.

    The main point is understand how to handle the reposition of the items.
    Sample behavior:

    1. at first, item A is shown at (0, 0), all other items are placed at (X, 0) i.e. off-screen on the right edge
    2. when the item C is requested I start an animation to move A off-screen on the left side and let B to enter from right.
    3. now if another item is requested (A, B, etc...) the same should happen. So C exits from the left and the new one enters from the right

    The problem is I need to reposition each "exited" items off-screen on the right side in order to be ready for another request.
    I could do this using a function that cycle all items and if they aren't the current one, it will move them to the idle position.
    But I don't know how to programmatically reference a QML Object because the id is not a string.

  • @Mark81 Well, I've just discovered the objectName property. Not so straight (it requires cycling among all children) but it works.

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