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"Ruler" style for QChart axis

  • Hi all.

    I have tried to use QChart from Qt 5.7 Now I need "ruler" style for my axis. See this example (now I draw it via void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *e);)
    Axis needs the same subitems between items. 100 mS is main item, +10mS .... +90mS are subitems. For QChart I tried to use QCategoryAxis. I create QCategoryAxis object for main items and it works fine. After that I added second QCategoryAxis for subitems. And faced with problem. As I understand QCategoryAxis::append(const QString &categoryLabel, qreal categoryEndValue) uses categoryLabel as a key and categoryEndValue as a value. That's why I got subitems from start scale to first main value (100mS) and do not have any subscale after 100 mS.

    Could you give advice how to resolve it?

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