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[Solved] How to debug on c5-03

  • please say me precisely how to develop in windows 7 for nokia c5-03. i have got an usb-cable. please, itemize what i must select on the phone and what on Qt. i would like to see my app not with the simulator but i would to do the debug on the same phone.
    i proved and i failed...

  • Do you have your application running on simulator. If yes connect your device to your PC\laptop and then in Qt Creator build for symbian device and click on run. Or alternatively you can install the generated sis file to your device. If you need to do on device debugging - prepare your device by installing the TRK sis file provided with your SDK.

  • bq. Do you have your application running on simulator.

    if this is a question, yes, it is a demo application

    however, what must i click on my c5-03: ovi suite or mass storage?
    on my c5-03, where do i find TRK application? if it is not installed, how to do?

  • Check the Qt SDK: It includes all the sis files required to run and debug stuff on your phone.

    Ovi Suite Mode is fine. We do provide documentation that does cover all the setup and startup issues by the way.

  • must i be connected to internet to run TRK on my phone?
    i installed the TRK for 3^rd generation on the phone

  • Nope, internet connection is not needed for trk running

  • no? "error connecting to trk server. please restart the phone and try; app trk: functionality not supported". this is the error...

  • all right. i must have installed trk for 5th generation...

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