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EGLFS app with preinstalled Qt5

  • Hi, guys!
    I successfully cross-compiled Qt library for RPi2 with EGLFS support (1), and application being developed works well in full screen.

    Now I need video support with VLC (via VLC-Qt (2)) in my app. Cross-compilation of both VLC and VLC-Qt is complicated process and I end up without success with it.

    Then I installed Qt using

    apt-get install qt5-default 

    and compiled everything I need, I got video in my app. It is fine, but I need my app running in fullscreen mode, even better without X at all, so EGLFS is the best bet.

    Probably the solution is to build Qt with EGLFS support on RPi2 itself, but I do not want to do this since I have powerful host computer.

    I have several questions:

    1. Is it possible to create application with preinstalled Qt version targeting EGLFS?
    2. During cross-compilation, how to include qmake and company into target build to be able to build other apps with toolchain on target?
    3. Are there other ways to run application in fullscreen mode except the EGLFS?

    Thanks, Dmitry


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