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Problems with Qt Creator/Designer

  • I don't know if this is the right forum, but here it goes:

    I have a widget that has a line-edit, a label and a button. When a user clicks the button, the widget reads line-edit, starts a QProcess and gives what it read in as an argument. The process gives back output which is read in by the widget, formatted properly and displayed with the label. It works exactly right. Now I have to accomplish the same thing with Qt Designer.

    How the hell do I do that?!? I'm stumped - all the designer tutorials I've found handle basic stuff like how to connect sliders and other pre-made widgets, but never stuff like this.

  • You'll have to do it in C++. Have a look at "QProcess":

  • I have already done it in basic C++. Now i have to do this with designer.

    Do I conclude correctly that designer wasn't meant for stuff like this? Or at least not as far as basic widgets go. During my playing around with Qt in the last few days, I found my problem would be solved if I managed to make custom widget plugins for the designer, but that was met with varying amounts of unsuccess.

  • Qt Designer can only handle basic signal/slot/property modification for the basic widgets (and your plugins). It is only used to create the design, not the business logic. That has to be done in C++.

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