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QML Extension Plugin as static library

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to organize my code a little bit, but I'm failing put my shared qml files and C++ components in a separate library. I also want to "protect" my qml files by putting them in a resource file (I'm working on windows + Visual Studio + Qt VS addin). My structure is as follows


    In MySharedQMLLibrary i have a resource.qrc file which has qmldir and SharedWindow.qml as a file. In MyApp i have in the Main.cpp file Q_INIT_RESOURCE(SharedQMLLibraryResource); The qmldir file just contains :
    SharedWindow 1.0 SharedWindow.qml
    In my MyAppMainWindow.qml i can just do

    #import 'qrc:/.'

    and it works. Now I'm struggling to make the C++ components available in MyMainWindow.qml.
    I've created a SharedQMLLibrary_plugin class which inherits from QQmlExtensionPlugin and in the registerTypes method i've added

    qmlRegisterType<SharedComponent>(uri, 1, 0, "SharedComponent");

    I've also updated the qmldir file to

    module MyModule
    SharedWindow 1.0 SharedWindow.qml
    plugin sharedqmllibrary

    but when i try to do in the MyAppMainWindow.qml

    #import 'qrc:/.'
    #import MyModule 1.0

    It complains that module "MyModule" plugin "SharedQMLLibrary" not found. Anybody has any advice on how the qmldir file should look like, what i should import in the application qml files and how the output libraries in my binaries folder should be structured?


  • Hmm, I think my brain doesn't work well today. The qmldir stuff is only necessary for a shared library. Just a static library is ok... I can easily make my own init function in it to register all the types and i don't need the qmldir stuff (made it work with a dll to, i just forgot to put the dll on the correct location). Nevermind, problem solved, sorry for the confusion...

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