AccuWeather developer video

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    I hope I'm not tooting my own horn too much, but I thought I'd share a link to a developer story video that Nokia produced regarding the AccuWeather app which is being preinstalled on the N9 and my thoughts on working with the SDK while I developed it over the last few months.

    It's here: "AccuWeather: Powered by Qt":

  • It's all kinds of cool :)

    edit: spot the devnet in that video!

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    very nice video

    bq. spot the devnet in that video!

    it's like seeing a good friend on television ;)

  • Nice video and the UX looks really slick too. Congratulations!

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    Thanks! The UX is a bit different now, as we made some pretty big changes between the filming and where we are today in order to make it blend tighter with the look and feel of the device. Still have got plans for future improvements, though!

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