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Actively blurring background of window

  • Hi,

    I've searched a lot but could not find a solution to this. The closest I found is this. But if you run it, you'll see that it only blurs by a few radius, and put inner glow in it. And has some weird following kind of effect while dragging. The result I like to achieve is here.

    All I want is to create a borderless window that blurs everything behind it actively. By actively, I mean if dragged or something happens in background, it should apply blur to it immediately.

    I think the principle behind it is holding the data of the screen as capture, blurring it by certain radius at certain intervals, and setting background as the blurred image. As I've tested, making the image smaller and resize it to the original and then blur it (if the radius is high like 20 or 30) doesn't make much difference to it. See it.

    I thought of using a smaller image for the sake of CPU performance. I'm not sure, either way would work for me. If I can get blurred background as the background of my window, I can handle the adding a bit of white to it. I believe altering the transparency of window with a blurred background is not a good way because it would apply the blurred piece to the original background, creating a glow like effect. Instead, I think I should put a white transparent layer on the top of the window.

    So, how can I do the blur thing?

  • So anyone interested?

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