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How to get the correct sender from a custom widget

  • Hello guys! This is my first post, hopefully i won't make too many mistakes.
    Soo i have a problem using the QTableWidget and a custom widget. I created a custom widget containing a QPushButton and QComboBox. To goal is get the currentIndex from the combobox of the row, where the button was pressed. I forgot to mention that the combobox and the button are in the same row. Here is the code:

    //for loop to fill all rows:
                PushButton *sendButton = new QPushButton();
                QComboBox *myComboBox= new QComboBox();
                QHBoxLayout *customLayout = new QHBoxLayout();
                QWidget *customWidget = new QWidget();
                ui->tableWidget->setCellWidget(row, 5, customWidget);
                commandComboBox->setProperty("row", row);
                sendButton->setProperty("row", row);
                connect(sendButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(sendButtonClicked()));
    void Test::sendButtonClicked()
        int row;
        QPushButton *myButton = qobject_cast<QPushButton *>(sender());
        row = myButton->property("row").toInt();//THIS seems to work
        QComboBox *myCombo = qobject_cast<QComboBox *>(sender());
        int index= myCombo->currentIndex();//<--------HERE is the problem

    Can anyone tell me how i can get the current index from the "sender" comboBox?

    Thank you!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome :)

    It seems you only hook up the button and its clicked() ?

    QComboBox *myCombo = qobject_cast<QComboBox *>(sender());
    int index= myCombo->currentIndex();//<--------HERE is the problem

    should crash as myCombo is NULL since its not a QComboBox but a QPushButton..
    (so the cast fails)

    If you hook up the combobox signal
    currentIndexChanged(int index)
    to a slot u can get it directly when user click in it.

  • @mrjj Thank you!
    Sooo i kind of did what you said and used the currentIndexChanged signal. I made a Qbytearray where i store the currentindex and replace the index when an index changed. Then i can use this array to get the currentIndex from the row where the button was pressed. I know that there is probably a better solution but it works^^
    I will mark this post as answered i guess.