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[SOLVED] QTcpSocket successfully connects, but not to my server. What is it connecting to?

  • I have successfully built a thin client/server using Qt's Tcp Sockets API. I know it works very well, because I have sent plenty of data over the wire and verified it. However, my project manager wants a suite of unit-tests, and I'm implementing them using Qt's Test Library.

    Anyhow, I'm trying to set up some dummy server to simply receive data from a QTcpSocket to verify a sendData() method in a unit test. When I connect the test socket, is shows that it is connected, but the slot for connecting the dummy server and its dummy socket is never called!

    Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong here? ( I've stripped the code down down to just the parts that seem broken in the test class )

    From tst_tcpcommsocket.h


    #include <QtCore/QString>
    #include <QtTest/QtTest>

    #include <iostream>

    #include <QTcpSocket>
    #include <QTcpServer>

    class TcpCommSocketTest : public QObject

    QTcpSocket* qTestSocket;
    QTcpSocket* qDummySocket;
    QTcpServer* qDummyServer;


    public slots:
    void connectDummyServer();

    private Q_SLOTS:
    void initTestCase();
    void sendDataTest();
    void cleanupTestCase();


    From tst_tcpcommsocket.cpp
    #include "tst_tcpcommsocket.h"

    void TcpCommSocketTest::connectDummyServer()
    cout << "connection attempt" << endl;
    qDummySocket = qDummyServer->nextPendingConnection();

    void TcpCommSocketTest::initTestCase()
    qDummySocket = NULL;
    qDummyServer = new QTcpServer();
    qDummyServer->listen( QHostAddress(""), 9000 );
    QVERIFIY( qDummyServer->isListening() );
    connect( qDummyServer, SIGNAL(newConnection()), SLOT(connectDummyServer()) );

    qTestSocket = new QTcpSocket();
    qTestSocket->connectToHost( QHostAddress(""), 9000 );
    QVERIFY( qTestSocket->waitForConnected( 5000 ) );
    QVERIFY( qTestSocket->state() == QTcpSocket::ConnectedState );


    void TcpCommSocketTest::sendDataTest()
    int i=0;
    QVERIFY( qDummySocket != NULL );


    The Test Run's output:
    ********* Start testing of TcpCommSocketTest *********
    Config: Using QTest library 4.7.3, Qt 4.7.3
    PASS : TcpCommSocketTest::initTestCase()
    FAIL! : TcpCommSocketTest::sendDataTest() 'qDummySocket != NULL' returned FALSE. ()
    Loc: [-]
    PASS : TcpCommSocketTest::cleanupTestCase()
    Totals: 2 passed, 1 failed, 0 skipped

  • Did you try using a different port?

  • Yes, I tried a few different ports. I tried ports in the 9000 - 9999 range. This is the range that my application uses, and it manages to connect and send data just fine.

  • Someone from the StackOverflow forum answered my question very nicely:

    bq. While QTEST_MAIN creates a QApplication and runs all your tests, it does so sequentially and not with an event loop. Therefore, while your socket can indeed connect to the server (meaning qTestSocket->waitForConnected() returns true), since the app doesn't return to an event loop, the QTcpServer's signal will not get emitted, and TcpCommSocketTest::connectDummyServer() never gets called.
    Try adding a call to qApp->processEvents() at the end of initTestCase(). It should let connectDummyServer() be called.

    It seems that I needed to add a qApp->processEvents() call in my initialization function.

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