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RSA key generation, encryption and decryption

  • What would be the fast and most efficient way to incorporate RSA key generation, encryption and decryption functionality in my Qt application?
    I have a server in Nodejs where the RSA management is trivial; on the client side (Qt) I'm still looking around for a good solution.
    I spent about an hour trying to understand what good can come out of Qca, but those guys seem to enjoy making your life difficult.
    Openssl seems to be overkill, Cripto++ is quite vast, too.
    I just need a bunch of RSA algorythms. Any suggestion?

  • Openssl is already used by Qt so so I would just use that as you probably have to deploy it anyway

  • @VRonin Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, there is some QtSsl class and OpenSSL support, but all the RSA goodies are not exposed to he programmer.

  • This is going to sound ridiculous, but using pure javascript libraries via QML seems to be a much easier solution.

  • I meant that since yo probably have to deploy openssl libraries anyway you might as well use OpenSSL directly.
    can this help?

  • @VRonin Yes, I've seen that example. It's useful, anyway I'd ship about 4 megabytes of libraries just for the RSA algorithms. Also, I'm planning to deploy on Android so I'd have to find out an OpenSSL build for arm. Sounds like an overly complicated way to use RSA.

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